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My Birth Story


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Preparing for a C-Section

It was a very long week. I was due the previous week and here came week 2 of being overdue. I was so angry at my midwife for not inducing my labor. I got phone calls daily from family, friends, and co-workers. "Any baby yet?" I was frustrated! Friday July 14th, 2000, I had a final appointment with the midwife. We discussed inducing labor (finally) my original due date was July 3rd. We decided that next morning we would go ahead and began at 7:30 A.M. That day I went home and I was sooo excited! Finally I would have my baby in my arms! That night I could not sleep a wink. I knew I needed to get rested up, but I was very anxious. The time was 1:00 A.M. and I still lay awake watching the talk show "Ricki Lake" on T.V. David my hubby was on the computer in the living room with me playing video games. About 1:10 I felt the wierdest thing. It was sort of like an internal little "pop!!" It scared me..I sat up on the couch, and my first reaction was to run to the bathroom, so I did. I sat on the toliet just in time for alot of water to gush out of me. I knew I was not peeing, this was alot more fluid.  I called out to David, "Dave! Guess what?" He then calmy repiled, "Your water broke." I couldn't believe he wasn't freaking out like me! But then again Dave is a very calm natured person. I called my midwife and told her. We discussed when I should come in to the hospital. I stayed at home laying on my bed and counting contractions. At about 3:15 I felt the contractions more. They weren't painful, but they were persistant. We arrived at the hospital about 3:30. I was admitted and my assigned nurse checked me for cervix dilation. I was at 3 centimeters. When I reached about 4 cent. the pain was a little worse. It was tolerable and somewhat easy to handle, but beginning to worsen. The nurse asked if I wanted the epidural. I didn't feel I really "needed" it. But she explained that it was now or never. She said that I was progressing and I needed to get it before I dilated more. So I thought to myself, if the pain is like this at a 4 (moderate pain) at 10 it must be really bad. So I opted for the epidural. I loved having the epidural. I slept and so did my hubby. We rested well. About 8 am my mom showed up. We chatted awhile and she asked how dialted I was. I told her the last time I was checked 4. She laughed and said to me it would be quite awhile. 45 minutes later my mid-wife showed up and checked me. Guess what? Mom was wrong! I was 10 centimeters! At this point, she instructed me to start pushing whenever I felt the urge so I could work that baby down. I was probably pushing about an hour with my nurse when I started feeling my contractions. Not pressure, PAIN. But no one really believed me. They told me feeling some pressure was normal, but it was not pressure! My Mom also noticed that fluid was dripping down my back. Finally after much complaining a nurse realized my epidural fell out. She called Anesthesia for another. In the meantime, I was still pushing when I had the urge. But the pain was increasing fast. To go from "0" pain to 10 cent. dilated pain is a BIG difference. I was hurting bad. I was took 45 minutes to get another epidural.  After I got the new epidural I was happy again. No pain at all. But I still was pushing and the baby had not desended down at all really. My midwife disappointed me, she seemed confused about what to do next. She was not confident at all. I had been pushing for about 4 hours at this point. In between contractions and pushing I was vomitting also. I was sooo exhausted. Finally, she consulted with an OBGYN. WHen the Dr. arrived she discovered that the baby's head was wedged transversly and she was stuck in there pretty bad. She suggested a C-section. I did not like that idea at all. I asked her what my options were besides a C-section. She said she could try a vacuum extractor and try to pull the head free. If that did not work she could try forceps. She tried both..first the vaccuum. Then the forceps. While trying to grasp Ari's head with the forceps they actually slipped off her head. At that point the Dr. said "This is too dangerous. We have to do a C-section." So I was quickly prepped and taken to the Operating Room. At 2:39 PM my baby girl entered the world. 6 weeks later I went to a Post Partum visit with the Dr. who delivered Ari. She informed me that the reason for my troubles with delivery was due to my pelvis. I was diagnosed with Platypelloid Pelvis. It is a very rare shape of pelvis for a woman to have. Normally it occurs in about 4% of women. But all in all a future vaginal birth is pretty unlikely for me due to my pelvis.