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Preparing for a C-Section

The following disclaimer should be read prior to contacting the site owner with questions, or using information provided by this website.
The owner of this website is NOT A PHYSICIAN. This website is intended for informational, and educational purposes only. The information provided was derived from credible sources, and is believed to be very accurate. All visitors have the option to contact the owner regarding comments or questions. Please be aware, no questions will be answered that are felt to be a question seeking MEDICAL ADVICE. NO MEDICAL ADVICE WILL BE GIVEN! Furthermore, all answers to questions are to be considered informational replies, and should never, under any circumstance, substitute your own medical provider's opinion or information. The owner of this site takes no responsiblity for decisions made by the visitor based off of any information given on this site. In closing, always remember, if you are concerned about your obstetrical health, your doctor is always the best place to seek information.

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